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Visualping is the easiest to use website checker, webpage change monitoring, website change detector and website change alert software of the web. Contrary to other website change monitoring software like ChangeDetector, Versionista and Page Monitor, we track and detect visual webpage changes and send alerts via email or Slack team notification for competitive monitoring (6 days ago)

Trackly |

Trackly tracks webpages you care about and notifies you by email when they change (1 week ago)


Versionista provides sophisticated bulk web page change monitoring, , and change tracking and alerts. We provide deep competitive, regulatory, compliance, SEO, and web change intelligence and insights. (7 days ago)


ChangeDetect provides web page monitoring services. Receive an automatic e-mail notification whenever content changes on your favorite webpages. ChangeDetect is a FREE online service. (3 days ago)


Visual, text, keyword, image and HTML monitoring. A powerful, free website change monitor and change detection app. Setup conditions, track website changes and receive email alerts. (1 week ago)


Phorm, formerly known as 121Media, was a digital technology company known for its contextual advertising software.Phorm was incorporated in Delaware, United States, but relocated to Singapore as Phorm Corporation (Singapore) Ltd in 2012. Founded in 2002, the company originally distributed programs that were considered spyware, from which they made millions of dollars in revenue. (1 week ago)

Definition of Website

a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web

Definition of Change

an event that occurs when something passes from one state or phase to another; a relational difference between states especially between states before and after some event; the action of changing something; the result of alteration or modification; the balance of money received when the amount you tender is greater than the amount due; a thing that is different; a different or fresh set of clothes; coins of small denomination regarded collectively; money received in return for its equivalent in a larger denomination or a different currency; a difference that is usually pleasant cause to make different cause a transformation; undergo a become different in essence losing one s or its original nature; become different in some particular way without permanently losing one s or its former characteristics or essence; lay aside abandon or leave for another; clothes put on different clothes; exchange or replace with another usually of the same kind or category; give to and receive from one another; from one vehicle or transportation line to another; become deeper in tone; remove or replace the coverings of

Definition of Detection

the perception that something has occurred or some state exists; the act of detecting something catching sight of something; the that a signal is being received; a police investigation to determine the perpetrator